Suboxone Found in Crackdown of Texas Drug Ring

A Houston resident who led police to catch an alleged mail thief triggered a narcotics investigation that led to five arrests after police discovered a major drug ring operating from a Pearland apartment. A search of the apartment uncovered a drug lab used to make DMT, a powerful psychedelic, along with 1.8 grams of Suboxone, 400 units of LSD and 198.2 grams of methamphetamine, among other drugs.

People with an addiction to opiates, such as morphine or heroin, may receive Suboxone as part of their treatment. The medication has been proven to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal from these drugs during addiction treatment. What many people may not be aware of is the fact that they can also suffer from Suboxone withdrawal.

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What Causes Suboxone Withdrawal?

Suboxone is a medication that contains the active ingredient, buprenorphine hydrochloride. It also contains naloxone to help prevent misuse of this drug. This drug is given after the initial detoxification to help maintain sobriety.

One of the concerns for people who are trying to break a drug addiction is the danger of Suboxone withdrawal. This is a relatively new drug on the market, and not a lot of data is available for long-term use. However, this drug is mildly addictive, and it can result in Suboxone withdrawal.

Withdrawal from this medication includes tiredness and continual letheragy, which can also turn into insomnia for the person who tries to drink enough caffeine to stay awake. A person may become depressed on the medication.

This medication is an opiate just like heroin and other drugs used to treat addiction. The difference is that it is less addictive than those drugs. However, it still has the potential to lead to addiction, especially if high dosages must be given. It creates a calming feeling and may even provide a euphoria similar to what heroin does. Dependence may be as mental as it is physical because of the way it makes a person feel.

Getting Help

Drug rehab facilities in Houston TX can treat your Suboxone withdrawal. Attending aftercare services can help you share your experiences with Suboxone and develop coping strategies so that you can live life drug free. Call today.