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Studies show that the most effective approach to addiction treatment involves integrative and comprehensive approaches. Alcohol Treatment Centers Houston addresses both the physical and mental aspects of addiction. The ultimate goal of addiction treatment is to educate people in recovery and their loved ones about addiction, their personal triggers and how to recognize and intercept a relapse. Long term sobriety is the singular goal for every recovering addict, as it should be for every treatment program.

Our addiction treatment center takes a multidisciplinary approach, and patients have access to the most innovative and comprehensive care for both the physical symptoms of withdrawal and any underlying mental health issues they may have. In some cases, mental disorders contributed to the addiction or developed as a result of substance abuse. Addiction clinicians are also cognizant of the fact that painful withdrawals destabilize patients and make them less likely to complete the recovery process. For this reason, medical detox is a significant part of any treatment program.

Long term addiction may also lead to mental and social difficulties that may not have been present before substance abuse began. Mental disorders are now recognized as strong triggers for substance abuse and recidivism. Treating mental illnesses, along with addiction, is essential in order for recovery to be successful and ensure that patients maintain their sobriety.

Houston Alcohol Treatment Centers incorporates the following treatment protocols and other care options into customized treatment programs:

• Physical and psychological evaluations to enable doctors to make an accurate diagnosis that determines the type of treatment necessary for the client.
• Inpatient medical detox assists those whose bodies have become entirely dependent on drugs or alcohol to safely go through the withdrawal process with medical supervision and minimum discomfort.
• Cognitive behavioral therapy provides an environment that is conducive to self-education and the core reasons for becoming addicted.
• Holistic treatment programs may include art therapy, massage therapy, exercise therapy, Equine Assisted Therapy, nutritional therapy, yoga, biofeedback and auricular acupuncture.
• Education helps patients to understand the complexity of their addiction, triggers that are specific to them, coping skills and relapse prevention mechanisms.

Recovery involves timely rewiring of chemically-impacted brain circuits. Addiction treatment must address what Dr. Nora Volkow, the director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse, describes as a composition of finite number of circuits that mediate various forms of compulsive behaviors. These overlapping circuits, she says, is the reason there are so many manifestations of addiction.

Timely treatment for drug addiction is always the best way to experience recovery. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Houston today at (713) 401-3815. We have the tools and the expertise to help you to overcome addiction.

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