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People addicted to drugs and alcohol are driven by the obsessive need and the compulsive seeking and taking of these substances. Likewise, those suffering with behavior addictions such as gambling or eating disorders, can become equally obsessive, focused and preoccupied with these disorders. They are also consistently driven by an uncontrollable compulsion to indulge in these behavior addictions.

Behavior addictions may go untreated for years because they are often perceived as just bad habits or vices. However, experts believe that behavior addictions produce beta-endorphins in the brain over time. This psychological component, similar to substance addiction, also has the potential to make the person experience euphoria. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Houston today at (713) 401-3815.

Some types of Behavioral Addictions include:

  • Shopping
  • Gambling
  • Eating disorders
  • Working

Causes of Behavioral Addiction

When serotonin or adrenalin is released in the brain due to repetitious and consistent patterns of behavior, the individual may experience an altered mood or emotional state. This then manifests as addictive behavior that without treatment, can escalate to become mental illness and negatively impact relationships and levels of productivity for the addict.

Behavior Addiction Treatment

In preparing clients to overcome addiction in its various forms, the medical staff at Houston Drug Treatment Centers seeks to make an accurate diagnosis of each patient before a treatment plan is established and implemented. Our patient evaluations are performed by licensed medical professionals with experience treating both addiction and mental illness. When a client receives a dual diagnosis, it means that a mental illness is co-occurring with the addictive behavior. This diagnosis determines the treatment program that will be administered.

At Houston Addiction Treatment Centers, we recognize the complexities involved in treating all forms of addiction. We realize that every individual, even if they are suffering from the same addiction as five other patients, is unique and therefore, the same treatment program will not necessarily achieve similar results for all. As such, your treatment at our facility will always be a dynamic process that undergoes continuous re-evaluation. In this way, the program can be amended based on your progress through the rehab process.

Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Houston today at (713) 401-3815 if your or a loved one has developed a behavior addiction to gambling, an eating or drug and alcohol dependence.

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