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Drug Rehab Programs Houston Texas

The primary purpose of drug rehab is to help people suffering from the symptoms of addiction. Those who receive treatment are able to manage their addiction and return to their lives equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to prevent further substance abuse. In many cases, the rehab process has enabled people in recovery to restore broken relationships with family, friends and co-workers. In addition to alcoholism treatment, patients have access to our drug rehab programs for addictions to drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana and prescription medications.

The Rehab Process

Drug rehab treatment begins with a psychological and physical evaluation of the patient. The resulting profile is used to identify and tailor the most effective treatment program for the individual. Houston Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers takes a comprehensive treatment approach that integrates evidence-based conventional and holistic remedies to aid in recovery. Patients are encouraged to participate fully in their own recovery process, and as such, are informed of any necessary adjustment to their treatment protocols and their progress along the way.
The rehab process may include a medical detox based on the duration and type of addiction the patient has. Following detox, patients gain valuable coping skills and learn various methods for relapse prevention. After care programs help with the transition from rehab to everyday life. Support is also a vital component of addiction treatment, and as such, our patients are enabled and encouraged to establish and maintain strong support systems during and after rehab. All our programs and processes are designed to facilitate complete recovery and long term sobriety.

Family Intervention

Resistance to treatment for addiction is normal; however, it is important to address the issue appropriately. A poorly executed confrontation may result in anger, and even violence, on the part of the addict. The goal of any intervention is for the addict to acknowledge that they have a problem that requires professional treatment.
We understand the importance of family interventions, especially when the addict is in denial. Houston Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers offers an assisted intervention service. We provide assessment of the situation and help families to plan and execute this program. Choosing the proper time, venue and topics of discussion alleviate some of the stress involved in this activity. Our experienced interventionists guide the meeting in such a way to allow the person being confronted to fully participate without feeling attacked or powerless. This enables the addict to make the decision for treatment without feeling coerced. Studies show that people who willingly agree to receive treatment for addiction are usually more committed to the process.

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